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Presentation at Nokia’s DSN Foresight Seminar

19Mar08 by Matt Sinclair

Nokia Header

Yesterday I made a presentation at Nokia’s Demand Supply Network Foresight seminar, held at Nokia’s global headquarters in Espoo, just outside Helsinki. The seminars are held biannually and simultaneously webcast to other locations, the idea is to introduce new thinking from outside Nokia’s areas of expertise, and to broaden the company’s perspective regarding future business environments.

The theme of the seminar was Mass Customization, and I was really lucky to be able to meet and talk with Frank Piller, who gave the keynote presentation. Also presenting were Johan Füller of The Hyve and Santtu Toivonen of Idean. My presentation talked mainly about the current state of the rapid manufacturing industry, and looked forward to ways in which consumers might utilise RM technologies to design and make their own products. The presentation itself is covered by a non-disclosure agreement right now, though I may be able to share it in future.

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